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The total cost of a moving job is ultimately determined by four factors.

Hourly Rate

The first factor to consider when determining whether a you are really getting a cheap option is the hourly rate of the removalist.  Most people consider hourly rate without consideration to the other three factors.  This is mistake. A cheap hourly rate should be considered alongside the other three factor when determining whether a you are getting a good deal.  For example, one company may have an hourly rate of $60 for one person and a small truck and van, whereas another may have an hourly rate of $85 for two people and a medium van.  The small van make be required to take two trips and take double the time or more.  Even if two trips are not required, it still may be cheaper to have the two people for the higher rate.  They would be a the better option.

Speed and Efficiency

The speed and efficiency of the removalist company the individual workers will determine how much you will pay on the day.  For example, if you have an hourly rate of $85 per hour for two people and they are inexperienced, you may pay double compared with the same hourly rate for professional movers who are experienced.  It is common for less than honest labourers to extend the time so that they get paid the same or more as a higher rate removalist.

Travel time too and from the job is important.  Make sure you hire a mover that is local to get the best prices.  Shorter travel time means small surcharges or built in costs.

For your Melbourne change of address, make sure you get local removalists for the cheapest option.

When moving in Sydney, make sure you get local removalists for the cheap choice.

For your Perth move, make sure you get locals to move you because it is cheaper.

For your Brisbane interstate move, make sure you get a business that regularly does the trip to both destinations because it will be the most cost effective.

Care and Quality

The quality of the moving team is very important.  Most people do not consider the cost of damage to their house and/or contents when selecting a cheap mover in Melbourne.  Getting a moving company (not a fly by night person) is the safest way to ensure that the mover will take care of your possessions.  are careful and caring with your possession and understand the importance of respect.


The level to which you need to supervise the movers can make a cheap removalist more expensive.  Our moving companies are happy to work independently are are trustworthy.  They are happy to take direction and work with you to make sure that the move saves your time as well.  They make sure that your valuables are secure.

Pack it yourself

Packing and being organised for your mover will save time and money.

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